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MinervaERP (Enterprise resource planning) is a business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business.

MinervaERP collects, manages and distributes information across functional boundaries and helps to view break down information in the way of full cooperation between production, materials, planning, engineering, finance, sales, marketing, Human Resource and Payroll. The resulting higher quality, reduced time-to-market, internal business process running smoothly , shortened lead times, higher productivity and lowered costs can help improve customer service and increase sales and market share as well as margins.

Our ERP incorporated with different types of business procedures with different set of rules and structures. You can select the business procedure you desire . No need to change your business needs for ERP. We can customize our ERP as per your requirements.eg.The company A, B, C follows the set of work procedures and flow of work in different manner. The companies A, B and C together use our ERP without changing their organizational procedures and Practical work flow.

Minerva ERP systems are built for the internet-enabled world with e-commerce capabilities and provision for integration and collaboration with supply chain partners, customer portals, and enhanced tracking of incoming material and outgoing product to extend the visibility and control. MinervaERP solutions are the operational backbone of a growing or established organization, it's necessary to co-ordinate with a company that understands your business, can improve the quality and efficiency of your organization, and delivers a solution that will ultimately saves time and expense. Our Software needs less time to implement and you do not need to update any changes in operating system and Network environment. Our Software eliminates the worries about any technical problem as online help from the vendors will able to solve any such issues within a short period. Our Software can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime from a simple browser.

Our Software automatically runs and sends the MIS report via e-mail and SMS. MinervaERP achieved many processes in various aspects like Operation control management, Strategic planning. MinervaERP integrates internal and external information management system. MinervaERP system automates all activity with an integrated software application.

Work our MinervaERP in Cloud basis technology, we installed at dedicated server. Server is maintained either client or our site. It can improve the quality and efficiency of your Business solution that will ultimately save time and expense.
ROI Benefits
What Modules does MinervaERP have?
Engineering Costing Marketing and CRM Material Planning Purchase and SRM Inventory Management Production Quality Shipment Plant Maintenance Finance HRM & Payroll Security Administration
Engineering and Costing
Marketing and CRM
Material Planning
Purchase and SRM
Inventory Management
Quality Assurance
Plant Maintenance
Logistics / Shipment
HRM and Payroll
MinervaERP Unique Features
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