IT Consulting

Our dedicated consultants provide guidance to customers on everything from overall IT strategy – including what to house in the data center versus in the cloud; to the type of technology and functionality needed within the context of the customer’s IT and business environments and goals – such as process automation or mobile security. We have successfully defined, designed and delivered business value to global corporations across industries such as financial services, insurance, retail, CPG, logistics, healthcare, life sciences, energy, utilities, manufacturing, and telecommunications across North America, Middle East, and East Asia.

We Give Counsel On:
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Effectiveness
  • IT Cost Reduction
  • IT Sourcing and Procurement
  • Cloud Computing
  • Information and Analytic
  • IT Program Delivery

Dedicated Development

Access to global talent pool can easily expand your technology stack capabilities and remove a necessity to re-hire or re-train your entire staff. Modern tools enable in-house developers to seamlessly collaborate with outsourced workers and get your project completed, tested and deployed in less time. This service will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled by understanding your needs better and attuning the software according to it. A dedicated development team undertakes the following tasks:

Software Project Development
Training to End Users
Project Management and Organization
Project Maintenance
Project Quality Control Testing and Documentation
Efficient Support for Ongoing Projects

Dedicated Hiring

Dedicated hiring service will solve various problems relating to administration, infrastructure, overhead costs and most importantly, recruitment. Hire dedicated developers / offshore teams as per your project requirements and they work exclusively for you from our offshore development center as your own virtual employee. Minerva Dedicated hiring has proven to be an effective approach for every size and nature of business considering outsourcing specific competencies. In order to run an IT business, you don’t have to worry about cost and Profit. The Dedicated Hiring service will ensure that you get the maximum Profit at Minimal Cost. There is a number of benefits that come with the use of dedicated hiring in your business. Let’s take a look at a few,

Software Development
Installed Software Management
Software Testing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Project Reporting / Executive
Web Designers
IT Consulting
Dedicated Development
Dedicated Hiring