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Programmable Logic Control
PLC is the acronym of Programmable Logic Control, is a specialized computer used to control machines and process.

We can do PLC Data Integration and Data Presentation by an effective way. There is lot of way to Integrate PLC with any application. One of the Integration example is PLC Integrated with our Minerva ERP.

Minerva ERP supports in industries for PLC Operation. We avail of getting and fetching Information from the machinery like Factory ballast industry, lighting industry etc.

PLC integration with MinervaERP is the effective time utilization and accurate method.

The PLC has input lines where devices are connected to notify upon events (e.g. temperature above/below a certain level, liquid level reached, etc.), and output lines to signal any reaction to the incoming events (e.g. barcode capturing, spec meet within the master values etc.).

The PLC can store all the input data without any loss. For example, in manufacturing sector if the FG ready it will be tested and all the specified parameters will be tested accordingly and PLC save all those details. So in future if any customer complaint arises for FG, we can track the data using PLC stored data. So it will be very useful to find out and rectify the problems.

Like this we can do PLC Integration with any application and for Data presentation.
Advantages of PLC Industrial Automation integrated with MinervaERP:
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