Industrial Automation

The rapid evolution of technology in industrial automation systems requires tight integration between devices on the plant floor and the rest of the enterprise. This integration requires secure network infrastructure, smart devices for efficient data collection, and the ability to turn data into actionable information. One of the Integration examples is, PLC Integrated with our Minerva ERP. Minerva ERP supports industries for PLC Operation.

The PLC can store all the input data without any loss. For example, in manufacturing sector if the FG ready it will be tested and all the specified parameters will be tested accordingly and PLC save all those details. So in future if any customer complaint arises for FG, we can track the data using PLC stored data. So it will be very useful to find out and rectify the problems.

We assist you in fetching Information from the machinery factories like ballast industry, lighting industry, etc. PLC integration with Minerva ERP is most effective in terms of time utilization and accuracy.

Pros of PLC Industrial Automation integrated with Minerva ERP includes:

  • Flexibility
  • Correcting Errors
  • Efficient Space
  • Low Cost
  • Testing
  • Visual Observations
Industrial Automation