Business Software Tailored to your Needs

When you opt for customized software, you can expect a variety of unique features that are not present in any other software and catered only in yours. Since custom software is developed for a single customer it can accommodate that customer's specific preferences and expectations. Custom software might be developed in an iterative procedure, allowing all nuances and possible hidden risks to be taken into account, including issues that were not mentioned in the original requirement specifications (which are, as a rule, never perfect). At Minerva Soft, We customize applications and software according to your expectations. Custom software will generally produce the most efficient system as it is can provide support for the specific needs of the business, which might not be available in an off-the-shelf solution and will provide greater efficiency or better customer service.

Minerva Soft offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands. Our talented experts know the game of business and deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits.

Industry Profile

With over 10 long periods of experience working together with different enterprises, Minerva Soft has possessed the capacity to accomplish profound awareness about their peculiar nature and now grants a highly professional individual approach. Have effectively completed multiple enterprise software projects and ensured business automation for hundreds of clients, we are experts in:

  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Leather and Tannery Business
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Finance and Banking
  • Transportation and Logistics
Industry Profile

Development Process

With a genuine and regardful attitude towards your business, we begin from the point of concept examination: our specialists carefully analyze your needs and help you create a detailed software requirements specification, which is indispensable for implementing the project the way you envision it. Apart from our standard development team, Minerva Soft offers a dedicated development and hiring for the advancement of your software where in our developers become a part of your workforce to comprehend your needs better and attune the software according to it.


At Minerva Soft, we have a development team of only certified experts and talented developers with years of experience. We prioritize refinement over speed. Our experts always deliver the product in your budget and on scheduled time and present a top-grade software with an architecture that guarantees a solid foundation for further expansion and maintenance with a great user interface and zero performance issues.

Some of the customized software we offer are:
  • Chemical Trader Module
  • Recruitment Management Systems
  • Financial and Accounting Software
  • Information Systems Software Application
  • E-commerce Application
  • E-Learning Management Solution
  • Gene Qualitative Analysis System
  • Library Management Software
  • School/College Management Software
  • Retailer Management Software
  • Agency & Billing Software
  • Ticket Reservation Software
  • Marketing Analysis Software
  • Hotel Management Software
  • CRM/SRM Software
  • Stock Management System
  • Payroll & HR Management System
  • Security Management System
Minerva Development Process